HMX Unmatched Performance

ELEVATE your experience with sport boat-style speed and handling.

Thanks to Starcraft advancements in pontoon performance, you can now take full advantage of all the freedom and flexibility a pontoon boat has to offer. When you choose a tube configuration with HMX Performance Strakes, you can expect better lift, less surface drag, increased speed, faster planing and a tighter turning radius that allows you to dig and pivot to quickly rejoin a downed skier.

Add a higher horsepower engine to this innovative tube design, and you'll experience exhilaration you never dreamed possible in a pontoon. In addition, the PR25 and PR20 center tube options provide for an integrated ski pylon and 25" and 20" transom heights for your choice of engine shaft.

Discover for yourself how Starcraft's tube configurations and HMX Performance Strakes combine the personality of a ski boat with the versatility you love in a pontoon.

"Starcraft's HMX pontoons are on of the best performing pontoon packages I've experienced. Not only are they fast, but they don't require overly high horsepower to get performance numbers. The ride they provide is smooth and comfortable in even the worst water conditions. I had a chance to put the HMX package through the ultimate test at the Thousand Island Pokers Run. not only did we finish the run, but we even beat some of the other boats! I was able to go 40 mph in three foot waves and over boat wakes. When V-bottom boats had to slow down, I was able to keep on going."

Matt Spencer
Host Powerboat Television